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16000 what?

2015-09-11 17:17:42 by Abracadabra123

When I'm working on Isabella's vlog 9 today.

Some scenes cannot play for some reason.

I spent hours today to look to the problem.


Finally I found the problem: SWF easy stops playing at 16000th frame.

That's right! SWF easy only plays 16000 frames and stop.

It means, my movie is too long. I never reached 16000th frame before.

I have no choise to cut some scenes.


Isabella's vlog 9 will be released when CaptinEpic finished his song for me.

working on a movie and looking for musicians

2015-07-23 20:52:46 by Abracadabra123



I worked on Isabella's vlog 9 today.



It's a complex story where Isabella finds something more  than she's looking for. Something evil ...

I'm also looking for musicians who want to work with me. The music must follow the movie.

Of course I will give credits for your works.

Happy Canada day

2015-07-01 09:17:41 by Abracadabra123


New look for Fric, Froc and Sophia

2015-05-07 21:51:43 by Abracadabra123

I'm working on Fric, Froc and Sophia's new look.


Fric, Froc and Sophia's new look.

After seven years later, it is the time to make them from scratch.

Fric and Froc might need to redraw again.

Newgrounds April fools 2015

2015-04-01 15:05:04 by Abracadabra123


If it was true, Tom Fulp won't announce it at April 1st.



        I knew it.

Newgrounds doesn't like flash 7

2015-03-12 14:31:13 by Abracadabra123

I submited a flash movie on the newgrounds. Somehow, buttons won't work because It compiled in flash 7.


The love train is almost out

2015-02-15 11:51:45 by Abracadabra123

Finally I managed to complete this movie.




But it's not finished yet. I'll make a new song who is not playing in loops. then I'll upload it to Newgrounds.

Unless somebody tells me this song is fine.

When author's nightmare comes true

2015-02-06 22:53:57 by Abracadabra123

I'm still working on my silent movie when suddenly, I don't know how to conclude it. I have a blank.

The movie is about a boy falls in love with a stowaway.



Here the last screenshot of the movie.

Got an invitation from P-Bot

2015-01-05 17:19:32 by Abracadabra123

I was not expecting to receive an invitaiton to vote for movies and games from december 2014



None movies I voted are videos, only flash movies. If i want to watch anination videos, I'll go to watch them at YouTube.

Also none games I voted have medals either. Medals are just to make the player to play longer. It's unfair for those games who have no medals to offer.

A christmas movie out

2014-11-17 18:35:19 by Abracadabra123

A girl makes a wish  for Christmas day.

Her wish goes wrong.


Watch the movie:http://spaceweb-animation.site11.com/noel2014.htm