about RSS subcriptions

2011-02-16 18:04:07 by Abracadabra123

Hi there

I subscribed to authors flash submissions. Sometime why RSS takes so long to aware me when authors released new flash games / movies.

One of my favorite authors, Eddache, is a good example. I just got messages from RSS that Eddache released 3 flashes today.

Oh Amaterasu, you little scamp.

Eddache released this cartoon today. RSS works fine here.

Proper Raptors

Why I just awared this toon today? Eddache relesaed it in January 31th.

Quickdraw: Xmas Special

This game released in December 25th 2010. Ah man! It's over one month and half later. I didn't know until now Eddache released this game.

I don't know how really RSS works but I'd like to be awared when an author released a new flash, not after almost two months later.