Entry #101

My 101th news + looking christmas songs

2013-12-04 17:23:04 by Abracadabra123

Ok I stop kidding on 100th blog on Newgrounds and the new blog tools.


I'm going to make a special flash Christmas this year.

When checking the audio portal, I noted there are few christmas songs and most of time, the authors are not showed up since 2012.


I'm looking for thos songs:

- Frosty the snowman

- Santa Claus is coming to town

- Jingle Bells


Those songs should not be longer than two minutes, slighty longer is fine.

Should not Country or Jazz. I like ballad song.


The deadline is December 14th.

So if you've made one /many songs and want to put it in my movie, let me know.


The deadline is over. Nevermind, I'll just pick-up some christmas songs in the internet.