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It's good. The movie needs to be little longer.

I don't expect such great quality of this movie.

Easily worth 5/5 stars and vote 10/10

Keep making movies like this one.

The only problem with this movie is the screenshot is in colour while the movie is black / white.

It's better to put a b/w screenshot if your movie is black and white.

The movie itself is good.

Discombobulatedtoons responds:

Naw but I like it like dat mang, thanks!

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I played it for a while. Can't find the exit. A least, you can jump in this maze game. There's a glitch in the walls. I'm not sure if it Unity's limit or something else.

It's a nice maze game

The gameplay is different from other maze games I played so far. I really like drawing lines to the exit. Also the maze is diffent when starting new games.

Too bad, There is only one maze to complete. More mazes would be better.

The woman's nice but she's not naked. Everybody can play this game.

BlackCrossGames responds:

Thanks. The next version will have more features. About the picture, I thought so too, turns out it's inappropriate for everyone and should be rated teen.

Is this your first game?

This game is a good start. It's more like playing Warioland games. Activating switches to go furter. Your sprites need to improve. Also add music and sound will make this game better. I see no elements for a RPG game. It's more like a platform game. Good luck to complete this game. It's great so far.

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Good song

I like it.

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This picture alone worth fives stars.

Please, make more like this.

AshisAnimation responds:

Thanks man.... ;)

I like making DOS games and flash movies. I speak English and French.

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