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A new movie is out

2014-07-14 16:28:51 by Abracadabra123

Isabella's vlog 8 is out. Check it out.




Robin Gravel

Happy Canada day

2014-07-01 11:23:35 by Abracadabra123

Those guys stole my Canada flag. I'll sue them LOL

Those guys stole my Canada flag. I'll sue them. LOL.

Am I a scary movie maker?

2014-06-29 13:45:25 by Abracadabra123

When I'm surfing, I found a website about collecting fan scary movies, and guess what?

I'm at 8th position.



I begin to wonder. is it because I announced i'm working on a horror movie is worth enough to be at the 8th position?

Or the only picture I posted from the upcoming movie is very scary? I don't think so.



Anyway, working on "the love train" became boring after a while. Working on other projects like this horror movie is fine.

The Love Train

2014-06-26 18:14:39 by Abracadabra123

If I didn't give news those days, that because I'm working on a silent movie called 'the love train."

Unlike other movies, this one uses minimum of texts to tell the story. The rest of the film, the characters will talk miming.

Preview of The love train

The story is about a boy falls in love with a stowaway.

Here a preview of a movie:



Here another preview:



Don't be surprised if I don't release a movie this year.

I don't get it

2014-04-24 21:25:58 by Abracadabra123


Why you can't upload more two movies / games in one day when you can upload 10 art illustrations i one day?



  I have nothing against Oponok. He's a great artist.

My new website

2014-04-20 18:31:24 by Abracadabra123

As you have noted, my website is down oftren than usual.

Then I created a new one:



Believe me or not but ...

2014-04-15 17:49:44 by Abracadabra123

I'm working on the end of the world part 5 of 5.


I know the end of the world 2012 is over but I want to conclude thie serie.

Few people will enjoy this movie. I don't know when it will be released.

A new redesign?

2014-02-24 13:34:16 by Abracadabra123

I knew the new redesing is coming.




Or is it a glitch?


A Christmas 2013 movie released

2013-12-25 14:53:16 by Abracadabra123




Merry Christmas and happy new year


My 101th news + looking christmas songs

2013-12-04 17:23:04 by Abracadabra123

Ok I stop kidding on 100th blog on Newgrounds and the new blog tools.


I'm going to make a special flash Christmas this year.

When checking the audio portal, I noted there are few christmas songs and most of time, the authors are not showed up since 2012.


I'm looking for thos songs:

- Frosty the snowman

- Santa Claus is coming to town

- Jingle Bells


Those songs should not be longer than two minutes, slighty longer is fine.

Should not Country or Jazz. I like ballad song.


The deadline is December 14th.

So if you've made one /many songs and want to put it in my movie, let me know.


The deadline is over. Nevermind, I'll just pick-up some christmas songs in the internet.