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I like making DOS games and flash movies. I speak English and French.

52, Male

Escoumins, Quebec, Canada

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Abracadabra123's News

Posted by Abracadabra123 - 18 hours ago

Posted by Abracadabra123 - December 24th, 2018

2018 flies too fast for me. I won't release a single movie this year.  :(


Merry Christmas and happy new year.



Posted by Abracadabra123 - December 7th, 2018

I noted there are more porns submited on Newgrounds lately than usual.

8 - )


Posted by Abracadabra123 - July 1st, 2018


A Canada flag drawn by me.

Posted by Abracadabra123 - June 29th, 2018

I just got my new hard disk today.

Unfortunly, it does not work and Win Vista cd is not included with the laptop.

I think it's the time to buy a new laptop.

I can still working on my Pentium Celeron Win 98.

Posted by Abracadabra123 - June 26th, 2018

My laptop is still not fixed yet.

So I'm working on my old windows 98 deskop computer.

Flash movies play slowly even in lowest quality, specialy movies with 24/s.

It's hard for me to work on my robot movie with 24/s on this machine.


Posted by Abracadabra123 - June 24th, 2018

My laptop Vaio started having problems with hard disk.

Anything is lost. I have no choice to fix my computer.

And my movie for robot day is delayed.


Fortunely I made a back-up from earlier version. I'm not sure if I can release it in time for robot day.


I know,  guys, I was exciting to release a robot movie this year, but sometimes, bad things happen.


This blog is written from someone's computer.

Posted by Abracadabra123 - May 31st, 2018

Great news, everybody

All my flash movies are converted into video format.

Mister Sweet 3 won't loop unlike the flash version, losing its charm. Sorry :(

Posted by Abracadabra123 - May 7th, 2018

All my movies from 2008 to 2014 are now in video format with the exception of Mister Sweet 3 because it starts looping in the middle of the movie. The loop option allow to loop the movie from the start but not anywhere. The movie would look terrible to watch.

Posted by Abracadabra123 - April 18th, 2018

My profile now has a banner.


Big thanks Tom Fulp.