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I'm still working on my movie

2012-06-26 14:51:38 by Abracadabra123


Here one more scene from The end of the world part 3.


I'm still working on my movie

My to-do list

2012-06-22 17:31:29 by Abracadabra123

- Finish the 3rd episode of The end of the world.

- Make an episode of Isabella's vlog using Bobyb64's Qu├ętaine Remix. I didn't forget it

- Working on my horror movie.

- The little red riding hood in 21st century (spoof)

- Working on a new episode of Mister Sweet.

My profile edited

2012-05-14 22:24:50 by Abracadabra123

I edited my profile today. Enjoy the new logo.

A new movie is coming soon

2012-05-10 20:45:14 by Abracadabra123

Alright. I stop being lazy.

Time for me to make a new toon.

A new movie is coming soon

Almost my favorite games are gone

2012-04-27 13:00:26 by Abracadabra123

I just checked my favorite game authors today.

Most of them lost their games since Tom Fulp began to ban all shovelware games.

Few games of them are great, specialy maze games and few dress-up games.

What a shame.

Working on my Horror movie

2012-04-17 21:36:31 by Abracadabra123

I worked on my hooror movie today.

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/498d0dadd79e 7f946e4bf946ebc54224

This image will change each 5 secondes from French to English.

It's like playing DVD movies.

FLV on Newgrounds

2012-04-17 10:44:24 by Abracadabra123

Hmmm. Please check the screenshot and tell me, when Newgrounds accepts flv (flash video))?

It's seen like mp4 is ready for everyone.

My movie is not ready yet anyway.

FLV on Newgrounds

Hard time to work on my movies ...

2012-04-10 18:28:05 by Abracadabra123

I awake at 4:00 am and didn't sleep after that. I don't have the mood to work on my horror movie. Maybe another day.

Also, I dsabled almost all my blogs from comments. I don't want to check all my blogs if somebody added new comments because the new design of Newgrounds.

Flash Horror Movie ?

2012-04-06 21:04:36 by Abracadabra123


I think to make a horror movie.

I found some tips to make one.

I wonder if those tips can apply in the flash animation as well.

Also I could need somebody to take care of my Engrish. I mean English.

The end of the world part two is out.

2012-03-14 14:52:55 by Abracadabra123


The end of the world part 2 is out at last.


I took forever to make this episode.